CALI Reviser Project

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CALI Authors can retire or find themselves unable to keep their lessons up to date. But the law, as we all know, continues to change. So we're looking for law professors - or librarians for legal research and writing lessons - to adopt an orphaned lesson and revise it as their own so that the lesson accurately reflects changes in the law.

Why become a CALI Reviser?:

  • You get a shared authoring credit, listed in OCLC.
  • It's a great introduction to authoring CALI Lessons. The structure of the lesson is already in place, so it's just a matter of making edits where updates are necessary; a perfect way to learn our CALI Author lesson authoring software without having to build the lesson from the ground-up.
  • A modest honorarium may be available to you as a Reviser.
  • You get a cool CALI (re)Visor.


Current lessons in need of Revisers:

If you are a good candidate to become a Reviser (or revisor as we're also spelling the project name to reflect the cool visors!) for any of the following lessons, contact Sarah Glassmeyer: 312-906-5316.


2L-3L Upper Level Topics


Legal Research and Writing:

Additional titles may be available. Please contact Sarah Glassmeyer, 312-906-5316, to become a Reviser. 

Basic Guidelines to Become a Revisor / Reviser

  • We are currently looking for law librarians at CALI member schools to adopt and revise a lesson. 
  • To initiate the reviser process, please email Sarah Glassmeyer. Include your school affiliation, and the title of the lesson that you'd like to adopt.
  • Sarah will trade emails with you to establish the level of revision necessary and details about the process and honorarium.