How do I create a LessonLink, step-by-step?

LessonLink is a feature of the CALI website that lets faculty track student lesson usage.

It creates a special URL that links directly to an already existing CALI lesson. Faculty can then view in their LessonLinks profiles the scores of all students who ran the lesson through that link.

First, take a look at this 3 minute instructional video:

Here are the instructions for creating and using a LessonLink in this video, step-by-step:

1) Login to with your faculty account (if you're not registered at, you'll need to get your school's faculty authorization code).

2) Click on 'CALI LessonLink' in the right menu (also at

3) Click the 'Create a LessonLink' link (also found here)

4) Fill in your course name, course website (optional), semester, and then choose the CALI topic under which you will find the lesson(s) you wish to assign. Check the ones you want to assign. Click create LessonLinks.

5) Use copy and paste to send the entire LessonLink URL(s) to students. You can send it to them by email or place it on a website. Lessonlink will work within your classroom management system (CMS, Angel, etc.), just make sure you create the link to open in a new window.

6) Check who has run this lesson and scoring details by clicking the same 'CALI LessonLink' link, then Current LessonLinks. Past semesters' LessonLink details are found under the LessonLink Archives tab.

LessonLinks are organized into groups called courses. After creating a course with one or more links, you can add more LessonLinks to the course by following the directions in your Current LessonLinks administration page.

Students must run the lesson by clicking the unique URL you gave to them. They cannot simply browse to the CALI website and find the lesson in the CALI Library of Lessons. Please make this clear to your students to avoid confusion.