How can I get access to CALI Lessons and other resources? (with registration video)

Access to CALI Lessons and other resources is limited to faculty, librarians, staff, and students of member organizations or those explicitly authorized by CALI. If your school belongs to CALI, your faculty, librarians, staff, and students receive free, unlimited access to CALI Lessons and other resources.

To access CALI's materials you need to create your own personal account at the CALI website. In order to create that account, you need your organization's "authorization code" (note the difference between a regular password used to login and a school's authorization code used once during initial registration).

Registration instructions:

  • Get your CALI authorization code from a school librarian or your organization's contact listed here.
  • Once you have the authorization code, go to and click Create new account.
  • During the registration process, enter your school's authorization code where prompted. This is the only time you'll need the authorization code.
  • Finish the registration process, creating your own CALI username and password in the process.

If you've already registered, but didn't use the correct authorization code, you'll need to update your GUEST account profile to get access to lessons.

The 2 minute video below will walk you through the initial registration process at