Can I modify an existing CALI lesson and then post my modified version on the Internet?

CALI permits faculty to post modified CALI lessons to a password protected web site available only to law students enrolled at their law school. All lessons in the CALI Library are distributed with a password. Thus, you can't access the author mode of any lesson without the proper password. To modify a preexisting CALI lesson, you will need to familiarize yourself with a feature of our lesson authoring software called AutoPublish, and you will need the appropriate CALI password. Please contact Deb Quentel, 312-906-5353,, for the password or to request permission for any other usage not covered in this FAQ or in the License Agreements at CALI's web site,

Please note that some features don't have an HTML equivalent yet. Your lesson will function with the exception of the 'Hangman' page type.