Can I link to material outside my lesson, such as web sites or other lessons?

Yes, you can link to other CALI lessons and to web sites. To create a link from any text, first select the text from which you want to link. Once the text is selected either use the Link icon, shown here,

or click on Insert/Link from the tool bar at the top left of the authoring screen. (If the Link icon is "grayed out" place your cursor in the body of the text and click once. That will activate the page and enable the Link icon.)

Using either method, a popup screen, labeled 'Destination of Link?' appears. From here you can select the type of material that you want to link too (popup, book page, web site, or another lesson). As you click on each button by the material type (popups, book pages, etc.) the screen below will all pages matching that type. To enter a URL, please remember that you must enter the entire URL. For example, a link to the CALI web site would be properly written as, rather than When linking to web sites consider whether students will have internet access, as they work your lesson. Links to web pages will only work if the student is connected to the internet. Thus, some faculty limit their web links to rapidly changing material, such as government sites.