What is an Authorization Code?

An Authorization Code is an alphanumeric code, unique to each CALI member organization, that is given to students by their schools (not by CALI) to be used only once to authorize an account's access to CALI Lessons.

Find out your organization's authorization code by contacting the person listed here.

Other information about CALI Authorization Codes:

- CALI and its staff will not give students a school's Authorization Codes. Students must contact someone at their school. Contact your school library for more information.

- Authorization Codes are not the same as users' passwords. Authorization Codes are used once during initial registration. Passwords, like most websites that require a logon, are created by the user during registration, are only known to that user, and used (with username) therein to logon.

- Those who register without an Authorization Code create a "GUEST" account. GUESTS do not have access to CALI Lessons. Click here to learn more about the GUEST account including how to authorize a GUEST account.

- Each CALI member organization has two unique Authorization Codes: one for students and one for faculty. Faculty Authorization Codes give special privileges. Do not give them to students.

- More on registration can be found here.