I Registered as a GUEST (No Authorization Code), How Do I Access Lessons?

Those with GUEST accounts may not access CALI Lessons.

GUESTS, however, can access CALI Lessons if they edit their account to reflect their status at a member organization. To do so, GUESTS may simply add their school's Authorization Code to their cali.org account.

To edit your account and add your school's Authorization Code:

  1. Have your school's Authorization Code handy. Contact your school's Authorization Code Contact if you need your school's Code.
  2. Login to your account at www.cali.org.
  3. In the right menu column (under your name or login username) click "My Profile"
  4. Click the "Edit" link to edit your account.
  5. Scroll down to the text box labeled "Authorization Code" filled with the word "GUEST."
  6. Type in your school's Authorization Code, and hit 'Tab' to verify the code.
  7. Select your year of graduation or staff/faculty group from the list that appears then scroll down and click save.

Here's a video that walks you through these steps.