CALI for Legal Studies Students and Programs

Welcome to the CALI for legal Studies page.  If you or your institution are not a members of CALI, please visit this page for information on how to join.

Legal Studies students at member instituions have full access to CALI's lesson collection.  These can be used as study aids in your courses or faculty members can use them for assessment. Additionally, faculty members are welcome to use the CALI Author software to create their own lessons or CALI's Classcaster to create a course blog or webpage. More information on CALI's tools for faculty can be found here.

Below is a curated list of CALI lessons that are matched to model legal studies course syllabi.  Clicking on each subject will take you to a new page with an expanded topical outline with links to the related CALI lesson. 

Legal Studies Courses by subject with links to CALI lessons

Administrative Law (coming soon)

Business Organizations


Criminal Law (coming soon)

Environmental Law (coming soon)

Family Law

Intellectual Property (coming soon)

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (coming soon)

Legal Research and Writing

Real Estate (coming soon)