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Legal Studies

CALI Lessons: A Guidebook for Undergraduate Legal Studies & Paralegal Faculty

Edited by Mary Hatfield Lowe, this guide is written as a Teacher's Manual to assist undergraduate legal studies and paralegal faculty in selecting CALI lessons appropriate for their courses. This guide includes Lowe's review of over 50 CALI lessons and tables suggesting which of these lessons are best suited for several standard courses in the legal studies and paralegal curriculum. Lowe's rubric for reviewing the lessons is included.

Distance Learning in Legal Education: Design, Delivery and Recommended Practices

This paper was written as a collaborative project by the Working Group on Distance Education in Legal Education. Contributors included law faculty, administrators, instructional designers, and law school librarians.

The materials are intended to provide law schools and interested parties with a summary of distance learning opportunities, tools, and considerations. The paper presents three fundamental questions and attempts to provide a discussion of each.

1. How should a law school implement distance education?