Legal Research

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Subject Specific Treatises

This lesson introduces students to Subject Specific Treatises, a type of secondary source helpful for conducting legal research. Students will learn the type of information contained in Subject Specific Treatises, where to find and how to update them, as well as under which circumstances they are particularly useful to the legal research process.

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Using Citators as Finding Tools

This lesson will teach you how to use all the major legal citators - Shepard's in print, Shepard's on Lexis, KeyCite on Westlaw and BCite on Bloomberg Law - to locate additional useful cases when starting with one case or other document, and to find secondary resources such as law reviews when starting with a case or other document.

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Agency Decisions and Orders

This lesson will introduce you to the process of researching federal agency decisions. You should expect to encounter: overview of agency regulatory powers; types of agency decisions; how to find them; how to update them; and their precedential value.

In this lesson, it will be assumed that you are comfortable with the concepts involved in researching judicial court opinions and agency regulations.

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Current Awareness & Alerting Services

Designed to help bridge the gap between law or graduate school and law practice, this tutorial introduces students to commonly-used current awareness tools and alerting services. The lesson covers sources and strategies for finding topical services and newsletters, blogs, email discussion lists, and scholarship repositories in particular legal subjects, as well as using alert services (Lexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg alerts, electronic table of contents notification, and RSS feeds) to keep up with the latest developments in a particular area of law.

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Preparing for Trial

This lesson is designed to familiarize law students with legal materials that can be used when preparing for litigation. Rather than creating from scratch many of the documents needed in preparing for a trial, it is much more efficient to find sample documents that can help guide you. Students will be introduced to the various sources that attorneys turn to, including sample forms, pleadings, interrogatories, and other useful resources. Examples are drawn from Kentucky, Ohio, and New York.