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Legal Research

How to Research Federal Legislative History

Through this introductory lesson, students will learn how federal laws are made and about the federal legislative process. Students will also learn about the various types of documents that are created as a proposed bill works its way through Congress. These documents comprise the legislative history of an enacted law.
Additionally, this lesson teaches students how to research a statute's federal legislative history, including how to use free websites and paid services. The last part of the lesson walks students through two hypotheticals on legislative history.

How to Research U.S. Patent Law

This CALI Lesson covers the basics of how to research U.S. patent law. It covers both print and online resources, and gives you a thorough introduction to the primary sources of patent law. It also demonstrates the various types of secondary resources that can be useful when researching patent law. Also, this lesson makes extensive use of graphics to show you what these resources look like, including pictures of print resources and screen captures of Westlaw, Lexis, and other online resources.

Idaho Legal Research: Primary and Secondary Resources

This lesson will familiarize you with primary and secondary sources available in Idaho. It covers the Idaho primary law including the Idaho Constitution, statutes, legislative history, municipal codes, administrative law, and court decisions. The secondary sources portion of the lesson provides a general overview of secondary sources and how you can use them in your research as well as coverage of Idaho specific secondary sources.

Indian Treaties

This lesson will teach you how to locate treaties between Indian tribes and the United States government. It will also show you how to determine whether a particular treaty provision is still in effect and how to interpret ambiguous treaty provisions.