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Legal Research

Medical Research For Attorneys

This lesson covers medical research, as opposed to health law research. This lesson will emphasize resources that are free of charge, although it should be noted that there are also many fee-based services that provide the full text of medical resources; among these is Westlaw's "Medical Litigator," unveiled in early 2007, which provides some access to medical information.

Michigan Primary Resources

This lesson is designed to provide students with both an overview of Michigan primary resources and a "how to" guide to researching various Michigan primary resources.

While the lesson aims to introduce the specifics of researching Michigan law to a researcher already familiar with the basics of legal research, it will also be helpful to students and professionals trying to understand those basics through the process of Michigan-specific research.

Mississippi Secondary Materials

This lesson will cover the range of secondary materials available for the research of Mississippi law.  As a smaller state, there are less extensive secondary sources available than are available for other states.  However, the materials that do exist provide a deep and rich body of literature for assisting in the research of legal issues in the state.

The lesson will present a fact pattern modeled on a true-to-life incident, and use that fact pattern to assist you in becoming familiar with the overall contours of secondary sources in Mississippi.  There will be questions interspersed t

Missouri Primary Resources

This lesson is designed to familiarize law students with Missouri's primary law sources. It gives them basic information about locating Missouri's constitution, statutes, bills, legislative history, court opinions, and administrative regulations. No prerequisite knowledge is required to follow this lesson.

Nebraska Primary Resources: Legislative & Judicial

This exercise introduces Nebraska primary legal materials, focusing on the Legislative and Judicial branches. Upon the completion of this exercise, users should have a working knowledge of the Legislative and Judicial processes in Nebraska. Users will be able to identify the resources available from each branch, what is found in each resource, and how to properly update the resources.

Nebraska Secondary Resources

This lesson covers Nebraska secondary legal materials. As you work your way through this lesson, you will discover the role secondary resources play in the legal research process and develop the skills required to find relevant secondary materials. A number of specific Nebraska secondary resources will be discussed throughout the lesson.