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23. Exporting a lesson to the web

One of the key features of CALI Author is its unique ability to export all lessons created using CALI Author to Flash or HTML. HTML Export requires any Internet Explorer or Netscape browser version 4 (or above). Flash Export requires the user have Flash 8 plug in installed. Never delete your CBK file. If you ever need to change the lesson you will need it. Changing the HTML or Flash files directly is very difficult.

Exporting to Flash and AutoPublish

After completing your lesson, running a spell check, and proofreading your lesson, you're ready to distribute it. There are two ways to distribute the lesson using Flash. You can export the lesson to Flash, or you can AutoPublish it on the CALI server. To export to Flash, click File-Export to Flash. You must place the folders on your server and point students to right place so that they can start the lesson. As an alternative, you can AutoPublish the lesson. To do so, click File-AutoPublish. Additional details about AutoPublish are at the AutoPublish FAQ at CALI's website.

Exporting to the web

After completing your lesson, simply click on File-Export to HTML when in the authoring mode. Follow the prompts from the Wizard. You will be asked to name a folder as the base directory for your lesson. CALI Author will automatically create a subdirectory within this default directory for this lesson. If you select a directory other than the default directory, please note the name. You will later need the directory name to move the lesson to the Internet. You will also be asked to select a name for the default page necessary for running your lesson from the Internet. Again, if you change the name of the default web page, (index.html) make a note of the new name, as you will need this to run the lesson from your web site. Once CALI Author has exported your lesson to HTML, you will be given the name of the page to start your lesson; the default page name is index.html. Please note the name of this page complete with any path names; you will need this name to link your lesson to your web site. You will need to upload the folder containing your lesson files and the folder called SHARE.