MediaNotes for Instructors

MEDIANOTES is no longer under development and CALI Staff cannot answer questions about its use or configuration.  We will continue to host these pages for the remaining users who are aware of its idiosyncrasies and limitations.   



Who is using MediaNotes?

  • BYU Law School Prof. Larry Farmer, Interviewing & Counseling
  • California Western School of Law Prof. Bob Seibel, Interviewing & Counseling
  • Stanford Law School Gould Negotiation and Mediation Program
  • Temple University School of Law Dean Shyam Nair, Mock Litigation Team
  • Villanova Law School Dean David Santee, Trial Advocacy

MediaNotes provides students who are learning new skills an easy way to receive objective feedback on their recorded performances. It's a video-annotation tool that lets learners and mentors mark up videos with tags and notes to identify strengths and areas of improvements. Instructors find the tagging feature particularly useful for reinforcing specific behaviors or enactments.

MediaNotes is free for professors, lecturers, librarians, and other staff of law schools who belong to CALI.

Research About MediaNotes

New Technology Meets an Old Teaching Challenge: Using Digital Video Recordings, Annotation Software, and Deliberate Practice Techniques to Improve Student Negotiation Skills

Sample MediaNotes Project

You might find it helpful to look at a completed MediaNotes project to see how you might use it in your own classroom. Here are actual files from a class exercise conducted at Brigham Young University Law School by Prof. Larry Farmer in his Fall 2007 Interviewing & Counseling class:

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