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Using MediaNotes in a Course


This lesson will give you a quick overview of how you might want to use MediaNotes in course of instruction.

NOTE: This lesson is only meant as an overview. You will find more detailed instructions in the other lessons in this online manual.


Create Tag Sets

As an instructor, use the MediaNotes Tag Manager to create Tag Sets and Tags. You Tags should be the criteria that you want your students to use when reviewing the recorded performances.

NOTE: You may want to add Standard Feedback items and Example Media to your Tags before you export the Tag Set files.


Export Tag Sets

Export the Tag Sets from the Tag Manager.


Create a Template Project File

Create a new MediaNotes file and import the Tag Sets. You can then distribute this file to your students as a template for their assignment.



Record Video

Record the video or audio that you want to analyze. This might be a student presentation or exercise.

NOTE: MediaNotes does not record audio or video. You will need to do that using an application such as WIndows Movie Maker or QuickTime Broadcaster (both available as free downloads). Make sure that the resulting media file is compatible with either QuickTime or Windows Media.


Import Media Into Project File

Have your students or reviewers import the video or audio file into the template project file you distributed to them.

NOTE: Some professors choose to have students review their own work initially. Others will have a TA or review file or will review it themselves.


Tag the File

Have whoever is reviewing the file create events, tag them and add comments.


Share the File

Have the reviewer send the file to someone else to review or submit it to you for a grade. Comments will be tracked for each person that reviews the file.

NOTE: Project files can become quite large if a lot of video files are included. For this reason MediaNotes keeps project files and media files separate. The first time you are sending a project to someone you will want to send the project and media files. You will probably not be able to email this file since it will be quite large. Most people either upload the files to a web server or burn the files to CD.

After the other person has the media files, you easily email the project file without the media if you want to continue commenting and reviewing a project.