CALI for Legal Studies Students and Programs

Welcome to the CALI page for Legal Studies, Paralegal and Undergraduate Courses & Students

A number of CALI lessons have been written specifically for legal studies, paralegal, and undergraduate courses

Legal Studies, undergraduate departments, and paralegal students at affiliated member institutions have full access to CALI's collection of more than 1,000 lessons. Lessons can be used as study aids in your courses, as assigned coursework instead of a face-to-face class, or faculty members can use them for assessment. Additionally, faculty members are welcome to use the CALI Author software to create their own lessons, or to  create a course blog or webpage at Classcaster. More information on CALI's tools for faculty can be found at our FAQ here or here.


Faculty are encouraged to download the free Teacher's Manual for UnderGraduate/Legal Assistant/Paralegal Programs that includes reviews of over 50 CALI lessons. 

Contact Deb Quentel about writing your own lessons. 

 If your institution is not an affiliated member of CALI, please visit this page for information on how to join.

Commons Questions
Why Should I use CALI Lessons?

CALI Lessons provide immediate feedback to students so that they can gauge their progress and understanding of a subject. CALI Lessons include questions throughout the tutorials. Such immediate assessment has been shown to be highly effective in knowledge retention. In addition to student self-assessment, faculty using CALI’s LessonLink tool can view students’ scores and responses, which turns the lessons into a formative assessment tool. CALI Author™ is available and free for faculty at member and affiliated schools to use to edit existing CALI Lessons or to create new ones. Lessons can be written and posted online with access limited to your students. Lessons can be used to “flip” the classroom, assigned to students, or worked through as an in-class exercise.

Can I see my students' scores and which questions they got wrong?

Yes. LessonLink is a CALI tool that allows faculty members to view student scores, completion rates, and usage of CALI lessons. Faculty can create a LessonLink with the push of a button - the system then creates a unique URL for that  lesson. Faculty can share that URL with students and monitor their students’ progress. Faculty cannot see a student's score if the faculty member simply assigns a lesson without using LessonLink.