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Jurisdiction Over the Person

This lesson is designed for a student who has already read most of the material on personal jurisdiction in a typical first year Civil Procedure course.

The topics are explored through a series of hypotheticals, beginning with an extended variation on the facts of International Shoe. The lesson is divided into three parts; each part can be done in one sitting.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Apply International Shoe v. Washington to other fact patterns.
2. Explain the limits of jurisdictional due process as a measure of the due process clause of the 14th Amendment.
3. Interpret and apply a typical long-arm statute.
4. Explain the application of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution.
5. Analyze application of the relevant law to mail order purchases.
6. Describe when an individual may waive protection of the "minimum contacts" doctrine.
7. Differentiate the way the rules of personal jurisdiction are applied to individuals and corporations.
8. Distinguish between the statutory pre-requisites for obtaining jurisdiction and the Constitutional requirements of "minimum contacts."
9. List the three categories of personal jurisdiction.

Lesson Completion Time

1.5 hours
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