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Suggested Lessons for Business Oganizations Classes

The following CALI law lessons have been reviewed and are also recommended for legal studies and paralegal students.

Faculty should download the Teacher's Manual to read the peer review of these lessons. The Teacher's Manual includes suggested course adoption and use for many of these lessons, as well. 


"Anatomy of a Case" - Brian Huddleston (LR47); 15 minutes

"Are You My Partner? Is This a Partnership?" - Debra Cohen (BA08); 50 minutes

"Has a Partnership Formed? -Podcast"  - Debra Cohen (BA08 P); 8 minutes

"Authority: Actual, Apparent, and Inherent" - Eric Gouvin (BA01); 45 minutes

"Bilateral & Unilateral Contracts" - Jennifer Martin (CON45); 40 minutes

"Introduction to Agency: Defining Agency Relationships" - Linda Smiddy (BA03); 50 minutes

"Legal Research 101: The Tools of the Trade" - Sheri Lewis (LWR08); 40 minutes

"The Marital Status" - Len Biernat (FAM23); 40 minutes

"Statutory Interpretation" - Ronald Brown (LCS03); 1 hour

"Where Does Law Come From?" - Diane Murley (LCS04); 1 hour