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900 CALI Lessons and Counting

We just published our 900th CALI Lesson on! The 900th lesson was Professor Steve Bradford’s “Inventory and the Cost of Goods Sold.” This is a true milestone for CALI. Congratulations to Professor Bradford on another great lesson, and to each of our lesson authors.

Learn to Make Ebooks at CALIcon12

EBook between paper booksIt’s getting easier to publish ebooks using freely available tools like Sigil and Calibre. What’s this have to do with your law school? Think open, ebook versions of your law reviews, journals, or custom course materials. All published in-house and at little cost. Review workshop requirements and reserve your spot.

CALI partnering with Chicago-Kent for pilot law school clinics program

Center for Access to Justice & Technology (CAJT) logoWe at CALI are very excited Chicago-Kent’s Cyber Clinics pilot project.

Adopt free, open legal ed materials.

eLangdell booksWe’re asking legal educators to consider adopting free, open eLangdell books and supplements for their Summer or Fall classes.

Consider the advantages of free, open education materials:

A Book Is A Book And Other Thoughts On Our Webby Future

home officeIn February I wrote that every book is a website and we need to embrace the webiness of books. This led to some good discussion about the nature of books generally and casebooks in particular and about the nature of websites. The discussion helped clarify a couple of things in my mind.

More to eLangdell than the “e:” How Legal Educators Can Use & Adopt Our Books.

So tell the truth.

Some of you looked briefly at eLangdell and dismissed it as an e-book project...

Keynote Speakers for CALI Conference Announced

The CALI Conference for Law School Computing’s agenda is starting to round out nicely. You can now review some of our accepted sessions, and today we’re very excited to announce our keynote speakers:

The Future of The (Case)Book Is The Web

Recently there has been an explosion of advances in the ebook arena. New tools, new standards and formats, and new platforms seem to be coming out every day. The rush to get books into an “e” format is on, but does it make a real difference?

You can still join our free online course, Topics in Digital Law Practice!

There’s still time to join our free online course, Topics in Digital Law Practice.

If you haven’t yet, register for the course and catch up by watching video of last week’s class (below).

Then join us live Friday at 2pm Eastern for special guest Marc Lauritsen‘s class on Document Automation.

2012 CALI Member Meeting

Want to know what we’re up to here at CALI? John Mayer, our Executive Director, gave his annual “State of CALI Address” during the 2012 CALI Member Meeting at the AALS Annual Conference in January. You can watch it here:

Change to Our Terms of Service

We updated our Terms of Service on February 10, 2012. I know what you're thinking: "someone else telling me what I can't do on their site," right? Well, not quite this time. Read what we did and why we did it...

The Garage

The stories are legendary – of great tech companies from HP to Google starting in garages.

CALI Conference Call for Speakers

The theme for this year’s conference is "Some Assembly Required."

We are constructing our future, here in the present. We have many excellent technologies, but figuring out how to use them to serve the educational, scholarly, professional and public service missions of law school is an ongoing challenge. This year’s theme is a double entendre meant to explicitly evoke that our future is not pre-packaged or purchased from a vendor – some assembly is required to make the pieces fit into our institutional cultures. (Read More...)

Free, Online Course on Digital Law Practice

Because of technological, economic, and market pressures, the way we practice law is rapidly evolving. Law students, are you prepared for these changes in law practice? Law faculty, are you preparing your students? CALI is offering a FREE nine-week online course on Topics in Digital Law Practice to help address these issues starting Friday, February 10, 2012 at 2pm ET.

Register here.

The Enhanced Book

I have a box of tissues on my desk that’s decorated like a bookshelf. My mother jokingly gave it to me when I started at CALI just in case I started to miss being surrounded by books all day. The thing is, though, I’m still surrounded by books all day.

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