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Fraudulent Transfers II - Defenses
Fraudulent Transfers III - Leveraged Buyouts
Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy
How to Research U.S. Patent Law
Introduction to Accounting
Researching Historical Sources of the Civil Law
Substantive Due Process and Breed-Discriminatory Legislation
Texas Secondary Resources
Tort in Agency : (a) Independent Contractor (b) Scope of Authority
Fraudulent Transfers I - Types
Promises, Conditions, Warranties, and Representations
UCC Article 2A: Part 1 - Introduction
UCC Article 2A: Part 2 - Finance Leases and Consumer Leases
UCC Article 2A: Part 3 - Formation of a Lease Contract
UCC Article 2A: Part 4 - Warranties, Disclaimers, Exclusionary Clauses
UCC Article 2A: Part 5 - Assignment and Priority Issues
UCC Article 2A: Part 6 - Default by the Lessor and by the Lessee
Equitable Elimination of Entity Separation: Veil Piercing, Lender Liability, Equitable Consolidation
Fiduciary Duties: Meinhard v. Salmon
Alabama Legal Research: Primary Authority
Marriage and Same-Sex Marriage in Constitutional Law
Indiana Secondary Sources
Installment Contracts
Labor Issues Affecting Airline Personnel