Images of the Law Coloring Book


Studying the law can be stressful. CALI® has spent over 40 years making the process easier for law students by creating more than 1000 interactive legal tutorials. These CALI Lessons are written by law faculty and cover more than 40 different legal subject areas. Within many of the lessons, there are original drawings by the artist Eric Molinsky used to illustrate concepts, aid visual learners, or enliven the presentation.

From this catalog of original artwork CALI has created a coloring book with images of the law. According to this CNN article, coloring can help reduce anxiety, bring tranquility, increase mindfulness and it’s fun! Each image within this CALI Coloring Book has a short description of the legal concept illustrated by the artwork and a URL where you can find the CALI Lesson it comes from.

Created by CALI Staff

24 pages