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Get Ready for Finals

Even though it’s only the end of October, it’s not too early to start planning for final exam time.  Here at CALI, our usage statistics go through the roof starting around Thanksgiving every year.  Accompanying this are lots of questions from students with registration issues, questions about authorization code contacts and lost passwords.

CALI for 1Ls

BookCoverLawSchoolMaterialsFinesSIGILCALI and CALI lessons are not just for final exam preparation.  CALI is an all-year partner.  We even have materials useful for incoming 1Ls during their first few weeks of school!

DIY CALI Lessons

6152609569_ede61a0445_nAs you (hopefully) know, CALI lessons are written and peer reviewed by law professors.    But did you know that you can still write your own lesson and publish them to our website?  We don’t intentionally keep this a secret, but for some reason people are always surprised to learn this!