Individual Memberships


Annual Membership dues for individuals is currently $250.

  • Access to over 700 computer tutorials in over 30 different legal subject areas.

    • CALI's Lessons are authored by experienced law faculty and law librarians who teach in the subject area in which they write lessons.
    • CALI Lessons run in Macromedia Flash which is cross-browser and cross-platform independent (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, OSX and Linux/Unix).
    • CALI lessons are interactive with branches and feedback for every question. Individuals can take the lessons multiple times and see different questions or paths through the material.
    • CALI lessons are multimedia using text, video, audio, flowcharts, graphics and photos to teach complex areas of law.
    • CALI lessons break down complex topics into short, focused lessonette® exercises that are attractive to individuals for the short time investment per lesson.
    • CALI lessons keep score so you can gauge your own progress and even save their scores on the CALI website.
    • CALI lessons are reviewed extensively by other faculty who teach the same subject, by faculty who teach other subjects and by experienced CALI staff who have been working in computer-mediated legal education for over many years. Based on student feedback (which is built into each lesson), we refine the clarity of the language and the double-check the accuracy of the materials in the lessons.

  • CALI is all about innovation. CALI is constantly working on new services, tools, content and ideas that make intelligent use of technology for legal education.
  • CALI is supported by nearly every law school in the U.S. and is expanding its reach into law firms, paralegal programs, undergraduate legal education, legal aid/legal assistance organizations, state/county law libraries, law library schools and non-U.S. legal education institutions.


To become a CALI Affiliate, contact LaVonne Molde (, Director of Membership Services at her email address or call 612-627-4908 or fill out this form and mail and fax it to LaVonne.