Law Librarian Blog and CM Law Library Blog Highlight eLangdell

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CALI's eLangdell project offers faculty a new way to create and share course materials. Materials can be shared with colleagues worldwide, institution-wide or with students taking a class. According to their site, "With eLangdell, teachers don't have to publish an entire casebook to share coursepacks, syllabi, or a well-edited case. A peer rating system will help ensure quality." There will be announcements and demos at the AALS annual meeting in January.  eLangdell is currently in its pre-beta phase.   

Other features include federal court decisions from the collection, available to be re-edited and incorporated into course materials. eLangdell will also include an outliner that will allow faculty to organize materials they have created, uploaded or tagged in eLangdell.

An eLangdell Group can be used instead of other course page software, such as Lexis Blackboard or TWEN. The set up looks similar to a blog, with documents posted chronologically. Students can comment on items posted by the professor.  In the near future, students will be able to post anonymously. eLangdell can send emails to everyone in the class whenever something is added. Or you can receive updates via RSS feed.

eLangdell also allows you to:

  • Create a multiple choice poll and track student answers

  • Create case briefs using a form

  • Tag documents with keywords so others can find them easily

  • Bookmark documents for later use

  • See when edits were made to a document using the Revision tab

  • Add video or audio

  • Discuss topics on a bulletin board (SA)

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