1L - First Year Lesson Topics

This set of Topics covers subjects typically taught during the first year of law school.
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Hybrid Transactions

This lesson reviews the 2022 Amendments to UCC Article 2 that explain what law to apply to a "hybrid transaction" -- a transaction that involves both the sale of goods and something else. After completing the lesson, students will be able to determine whether a transaction is a hybrid transaction, which aspects predominate, and what law to apply to each aspect.

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Study Scheduling for the Evening, Weekend, or Part-Time J.D. Student

This lesson is designed to help part-time, evening, weekend, or flex J.D. law students maximize their limited study time as they navigate multiple obligations, balancing law school with full-time work, care, or other responsibilities. The lesson encourages self-reflection on when and how the student learns best, and walks them through the basics of time-blocking and time management, encouraging frequent reflection and adjustments to schedules as necessary. The lesson can be completed or revisited any time during law school, and might best be completed by students before/upon entering first semester of law school.

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Policy-Based Analysis

Recognizing and understanding policy in cases is a challenging task - and an invaluable tool. Knowing the policy behind case law and statutes and understanding the underlying policies helps us apply the law on exams and when representing clients. Engaging and practicing these skills throughout your law school career is essential.

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Advanced Reading for Law School

Law students are excellent readers, and this skill will lay the foundation for success throughout life. However, reading in law school requires more precision than previous educational activities. This lesson will deepen individuals reading skills specifically within the context of legal reading.

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Analysis 3: Using Your Facts

Have you ever compared your essay to a sample answer, or one with a higher grade, and wondered what was different about yours? Especially if you seemed to use all the correct law? It's likely that you aren't using your facts enough!

This lesson will explain why it's important that you use your facts, as well as help you to do just that!

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International Patent Law Research

This lesson is an overview of how to research international patent law. It will cover both how to find sources of patent laws for countries besides the United States, and how to find sources of multi-national laws, such as treaties and other agreements, that govern the enforcement and regulation of patents between countries.