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CALI's eLangdell® Press publishes free, open eBooks for legal education.

What do we mean by open?

  • Casebooks that are compatible with devices like smartphones and e-readers, as well as print.
  • Educators can adopt and edit eLangdell's Creative Commons licensed casebooks, for free.
  • Students and faculty can use eLangdell casebooks for free.

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How Law Schools Can Save Law Students $150 Million Using Open Casebooks - AALS Tech Section Webinar video from 7/17/2019. 

Watch the video here

How law schools can save $150M

Blog post here


"... students deserve to be able to have casebooks in whatever format they learn best from, not the format established by a publisher, Mayer argues. I think the transition to open casebooks makes a lot of sense, if for no other reason than that $250 or so a pop for traditional casebooks is pretty hard to swallow...."

- Karen Sloan Law.com in Ahead of the Curve: The Case for Open Casebooks