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New and Revised Titles for 2021  - 2022

Bankruptcy Law - revised - Bankruptcy Law and Practice (with statutory materials), Professor Gregory Germain

Bioethics - NewBioethics and the Law: Notes, Cases, and Problems, Professor Browne C. Lewis

Constitutional Law - revised - Liberty, Equality, and Due Process: Cases, Controversies, and Contexts in Constitutional Law: Professor Ruthann Robson (the book includes interactive questions)

Contract Law - revised - The Story of Contract Law: Formation, Professor Val Ricks

Environmental Law - revised - Wetlands: A Course Source (keyed to CALI Lessons), Professor Stephen M. Johnson

Legal Research - revised - Sources of American Law: An Introduction to Legal Research, Professors Beau Steenken & Tina Brooks

Tax Law - revised - U.S. Federal Income Taxation of Individuals 2022, Professor Deborah Geier

Tax Law - revised - Corporate Tax - Professor William Kratzke

Tax Law - revised - Basic Income Tax - Professor William Kratzke

Tort Law - NewTort Law: A 21st Century Approach, Professor Zahr K. Said (the book includes interactive questions)

Workers' Comp - revised - A Treatise of Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Law, Professor Michael Duff


New Titles in Progress

  • A First Generation's Guide to Law School: Professor Melissa Hale - Summer 2022
  • An Introduction to Tort Law: Professor Catharine Wells - Fall 2022
  • Constitutional Law: Individual Rights: Professor Jud Campbell - Fall 2022
  • Copyright: Professor Brian Frye
  • International Law - A Survey: Professor Milena Sterio
  • Sales - A Casebook, and Sales Supplement (including example contracts) Professor Jane Winn
  • Social Media Law: Professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister - Fall 2022
  • Criminal Law: An integrated Approach: Professor Alice Ristroph - Fall 2022

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Revised January 19, 2022