CALI Board of Directors


(updated 4/1/2021)

Dean Greg Brandes
St. Francis School of Law
Joined 2021
Current term: 2021-2024

Professor Debra R. Cohen
University of the District of Columbia School of Law
Joined 2015
Current term: 2019 - 2022

Dean Camille Davidson
Southern Illinois University School of Law
Joined 2021
Current term: 2021-2024

LizabethAnn Rogovoy Eisen
Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
Joined 2021
Current term: 2021-2024

Professor Amy Emerson
Villanova University School of Law
Joined 2021
Current term: 2021-2024

Professor Conrad Johnson
Columbia Law School
Joined 2008
Current Term: 2020-2023

VICE-PRESIDENT (until 2023)
Professor Stephen M. Johnson
Mercer University Law School
Joined 1997
Current term: 2019-2022

Professor Jennifer S. Martin
Saint Thomas University School of Law, Miami
Joined 2009
Current term: 2019-2022

Dean Browne Lewis
NCCentral University Law School
Joined 2020
Current term: 2020-2023

SECRETARY (until 2023)
Professor Marjorie A. McDiarmid
West Virginia University College of Law
Joined 1996
Current term: 2020-2023

PRESIDENT (until 2023)
Professor Kristina L. Niedringhaus
Georgia State University College of Law
Joined 2009
urrent Term: 2021-2024

Professor Fran Ortiz
South Texas College of Law Houston
Joined 2021
Current term: 2021-2024

Jill Smith
Georgetown Law
Joined 2016
Current Term: 2020-2023

Corinne St. Claire
Loyola Law School - Girardi Advocacy Center 305
Joined 2020
Current Term: 2020-2023

TREASURER (until 2021) 
Professor Jane K. Winn
University of Washington School of Law
Joined 1999
Current term: 2020-2023

*Director terms are for three years, beginning at the annual members meeting in January of the first year listed and ending at the annual members meeting in January of the last year listed.


*Officers terms are for two years.



Executive Committee
Kris Niedringhaus - President - Chair
Deb Cohen - Treasurer 
Marjorie McDiarmid - Secretary
Stephen Johnson - Vice-President

Finance Committee (aka the Audit Committee
Jane Winn - Treasurer
Deb Cohen - Past Treasurer
Kristina L. Niedringhaus - President
Steve Johnson - Vice President

Nominating Committee (2020)
Jennifer Martin - chair
Corinne St. Claire
Jane Winn
Browne Lewis

Diversity & Inclusion
Jill Smith
Kris Niedringhaus
Conrad Johnson
John Mayer - Executive Director

eLangdell Acquisitions
Marjorie McDiarmid
Jennifer Martin
Steve Johnson
Browne Lewis
Greg Brandes
Amy Emerson
LizAnn Rogovoy
Deb Quentel - Director of Curricum Development
John Mayer - Executive Director

Executive Director Evaluation
Jennifer Martin
Kris Niedringhaus

Marketing Committee
Deb Cohen

Bylaws Committee
Marjorie McDiarmid
Jennifer Martin


John Mayer: Executive Director

Jessica Frank: A2J Author Project Manager
Ronella Norris: Membership Services Coordinator
Deb Quentel: Director of Curriculum Development/Associate Counsel
Sara Smith, Assistant Director of Curriculum Development
Elmer Masters, Director of Technology
Dan Nagy, Systems Engineer
Sam Goshorn: Software Services Manager
Scott Lee: Community Marketing Specialist
Jennifer Chan: Staff Accountant
Tobias Ntreiho: Back End Developer



c/o John Mayer
Chicago-Kent College of Law
565 West Adams Street

Room 542
Chicago, IL 60661-3691
Telephone: 312-906-5307
Fax: 312-906-5280