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Connecticut Primary Law Materials
Entity Selection/Introduction to LLCs
Activities Regulated Under Section 404
Administrative Law Primer
Appeals, Judicial Review and Enforcement
Compensatory Mitigation
EPA Section 404 Authorities
History of Federal Wetlands Regulation
Regulatory Takings
The Science of Wetlands
Section 404 Permits
States Roles in Wetland Protection Under the Clean Water Act
Waters of the United States
Wetland Permit Exemptions and General Permits
Wetlands: Activities Regulated Under the Clean Water Act
Oklahoma Primary Legal Resources
Idaho Legal Research
Probability Theory 1: Descriptors and Conditional Probability
Probability Theory 2: Distributions, Bayes, Central Limit
Social Media Research Tools and Ethics
Strict Liability - Public Policy is that Someone Must Pay!
Subject Specific Treatises
Damages in Intentional Tort Cases - How to ask for what you want
Hey it's not my fault! - Defenses to negligence
Negligence - When is an accident someone's fault?