Member schools' CALI membership dues

In addition to continued access to popular services like CALI Lessons, ClassCaster, Awards, The Conference for Law School Computing, and Instapoll; this year CALI provided member schools with more innovative services than ever. 

We gave you brand new services.

We expanded our library of CALI Lessons.

And there is even more innovation on the horizon.

  • eLangdell will launch soon.
  • New CALI Lessons in Constitutional Law, Legal Research, and Criminal Procedure and more are on the way.
  • An update to CALI's website is in the works.

This fun 15 minute screencast of Executive Director John Mayer's AALS presentation will give you an idea of what we as an organization are working on, what we are thinking about, and where we plan to go.

So, in light of the list above, you probably wonder how much your organization's dues are set to change. The answer is...none.

Your school's membership dues will not increase this year.

We could spin this to sound like CALI made some sort of hard decision only because we are sensitive to your school's budget when economic times are tough. But that is not the case.

CALI is always sensitive to schools' budgets.

We've never been an organization that increases dues on a regular basis "just because." In fact, we waited 7 years before we implemented our 2007 dues change. That change was put in place because, along with 7 years of inflation, it was absolutely necessary to improve our offerings and to provide your school with specific new services. We think the results, above, speak for themselves.

So even if the economic climate was different, we probably would not have raised dues this year. We'd hate to imply otherwise. And if/when we implement dues changes, you can bet that we will back that up with sound reasons.

We look forward to another productive year at CALI and can't wait to unveil new services as they become available to you!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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