Gene's goodbye message and info on new endeavors

Gene Koo, a Berkman Fellow who worked with CALI for the past couple of years, will be moving on to bigger and better things at the end of the month, and his new job may be of interest to CALI member schools. Here's his message to you:

Dear colleagues:

It has been a wonderful opportunity to work with CALI and CALI's member schools over the past two years. Together we've been able to improve legal skills training using video annotation through MediaNotes, and we've launched the Legal Education Commons. I'm truly excited that CALI is now on a glide path to success across a greatly-expanded realm of activities vital to legal education. More importantly, CALI continues to lead the way to better, more effective teaching and learning using the best available technologies.

Starting June 1, I will be starting a new position at Blue State Digital, an Internet strategy consultancy. We are probably best known for developing and executing Barack Obama's online campaign strategy. Our success with the Obama campaign speaks for itself, but you may not know that we offer the same kinds of services to schools and universities. Using the same techniques that propelled Obama to the White House, we help nonprofits grow their email lists, multiply their fundraising success by as much as 15 times, and deepen their relationships with their constituents. If you're looking for a better way to strengthen your alumni relationships, please drop me a line at

Legal education is so vital to the health of our nation and of the world, and I hope all of you will remain pioneers in helping ensure that law school graduates are prepared for the professional, fiscal, and ethical issues that await them in practice or elsewhere. This is an exciting time for law schools, and I wish all of you the best success. Please do stay in touch!

- Gene Koo

We at CALI wish Gene the best of luck and future success at his new job! We thank him for his work at CALI.

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