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CALI Name that Case Tweet, #CALIntc

Think you can name a legal case based on a 140 character hint? CALI will give you a fabulous prize* if you can.

The game is simple: we'll tweet a hint (@CALILawSchool) about a legal case and you guess the case. If you're the first to respond with the right case cite, you win the fabulous prize*.

The only rules are:

1) only followers of our Twitter feed @CALILawSchool can win and

2) you must tweet your guess with hashtag #CALIntc.  

Law profs and lawyers, if you want to participate as hint authors, send us your 131 character or less (need room for the hashtag) hints about a Supreme Court or otherwise famous case in your area of expertise. When we post the answer, we'll happily link to you and thank you.

Stay tuned for the first case tweet, we have some ready to go and they could drop any time.

*CALI's definition of fabulous may or may not include: a giftcard, a CALI T-Shirt, an old promo item out of Austin's office, some geeky computer equipment from 1985 out of John's, or anything else we feel like you deserve.