Does Your Law School Class Need a Course Blog?

After a lot of hard work from Elmer, we've unveiled Classcaster version 2.0 powered by Wordpress.

Especially after using it to help create our newest blogs, one as the home for CALI Lawdibles and one as the new home for Richard Leiter's Law Librarian Conversations podcast, we're excited about the possibility of law faculty using Classcaster to create some blogs of their own.

We encourage you to use it as a class blog space or and even to podcast lectures for your law school courses. If you're a law professor, why would you create a Classcaster blog for your course?...

- Engage your class - blogs are a great way to discuss class material, post follow up materials and outside references, and encourage student interaction.

- Flexibility - blogging provides more flexibility than most traditional web course systems. Not only in the content you can post, but in the look and feel of your blog.

- Lots of great features - Wordpress alone is really an excellent blog management system. Plus, we've installed some plugins. Create polls, host chats, direct Twitter integration, and forum capabilities are just a few optional features built-in to Classcaster.

- Podcasting ability -  whether you want to become the next podcast star or just want to record lectures and post them for your students, there are plenty of podcasting options in Classcaster to help you create and maintain a podcast.

- Privacy controls - control who can see, participate in, and help administer your blog.

- It's free! for staff and faculty at CALI member schools.

We recommend you simply set up a new Classcaster blog of your own and experiment with all of the features. All you need to do is use your CALI account credentials to logon at the "Create a Blog Here" link to get started. Let us know if you have questions. We're here to help.