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Congratulations. It's a legal research lesson.

We love each of them equally, we really do. But there's something special about new CALI Lessons. They're adorable at that age; pure and uninfluenced by the mean and hurtful things stressed-out law students will eventually say about them during exam season. And, the new ones really come out in bunches this time of year (read more about our baby CALI Lessons or we'll think you don't like them and get some sort of complex about it...)

After all the hard work we put into creating them (yeah, we've definitely been busy), we at CALI are those people who will tell anyone who will listen about our little ones. We'll even invite you to watch this page where new CALI Lessons come into the world when they're ready. But if you don't have the stomach or the patience for watching that sort of thing live, we offer email announcements and a RSS feed so you can receive notice of our new ones from a safe distance.

Now, did I tell you what Preemption Checking did the other day?...