CALI Lessons work on iPads, iPhones, other devices.

CALI Lessons are going to look a lot different for the upcoming 2011-2012 school year. Content of the lessons will remain the same, but the new-look lessons will include features you've been asking us about for awhile:

  • CALI Lessons will finally work on tablets and smartphones like iPads and iPhones. They will, of course, continue to work on your computer.
  • Student lesson runs and scores will be saved automatically and stored in students' "My Lesson Runs" account profile sections. Students no longer have to actively push a button during a lesson to save their scores,
  • copy and paste from the lesson will be much easier,
  • advanced features for faculty are available in-lesson,
  • with more features to come.

Update 8/10/11: The new viewer is now the default viewer when you click the "Run Lesson" or green play button at Pick a lesson and try it out!

Update 8/9/11: Here's a live recorded webcast where we cover what's changing, discuss our expected timeline for implementation, and answer your questions. Hope to see you there.