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Instruction Spotlight: The EdTech Primer

One of my goals with the Instruction Spotlight series of posts on CALI Spotlight was to create a list of basic explanations to some of the major educational theories and ideas out there, both to teach myself as well as provide a resource for the CALI user base.  Well, as with all of my good ideas, someone has already though

Hotmail Accounts Banned from

Due to a near-site killing influx of spammers and other internet ne’er-do-wells using Hotmail, we’ve had to ban all accounts that are affiliated with a Hotmail email address.  Unfortunately, this will cause a number of legitimate registered users to be banned from our system.  This is a small percentage of our total users, but still a decent amount of people.

If you use Hotmail…

There are two options available for banned hotmail users.  You can…

Instruction Spotlight: Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the classroom is a deceptively simple idea.  Instead of students learning via in-class lecture and then working on homework afterwards, the flipped classroom has students prepare for class ahead of time (the literature on the subject most often suggests by watching a lecture screencast or listening to a podcast) and then using class time to apply this new found knowledge.

U of Minnesota Releases “Cultivating Change in the Academy”, Highlights Future of the Book

This collection of 50+ chapters showcases a sampling of academic technology projects underway across the University of Minnesota, projects that we hope inspire other faculty and staff to consider, utilize, or perhaps even develop new solutions that have the potential to make their efforts more responsive, nimble, efficient, effective, and far-reaching. Our hope is to stimulate discussion about what’s possible as well as generate new vision and academic technology direction. The work underway is most certainly innovative, imaginative, creative, collaborative, and dynamic.