Extreme Makeover: CALI Lessons Edition

CONGRATULATIONS CALI LESSONS! We know how much you needed some changes. But, you're always spending your time helping desperately stressed-out law students learn the law. That's why we rounded up the crew and decided to give you an Extreme Makeover: CALI Lessons Edition.

Today, 8/10/2011, is the day we officially unveil to the whole world your new look and features. We've made the new lesson viewer the default. Read on...

Ok, calm down, calm down. Now that we've moved that bus and that super-excited guy with spikey hair has stopped screaming at us through a megaphone, what do you say we take a closer look at your fancy new digs?

A brand new look.

Don't get us wrong, Lessons, we loved you just the way you were. You were functional; certainly capable of helping 60,000 or so different law students learn the law over the course of last year. But your old look was getting a little, shall we say, dated. Here's your new look. It's cleaner, more streamlined, less late-90s, and it lets users copy/paste. We thought you'd like that.

And just so you know, we understand it's what's inside that counts. We'd never ask you to change that, which is why the updated look doesn't affect the educational content of the lessons one bit.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets.

You know how you always wanted that sexy urban condo downtown? That elegant town home in the stylish, upscale neighborhood? But you didn't want to compromise the spacious feel and yard of a suburban house. Well, you don't have to choose anymore. This makeover means you're no longer stuck living only on students' desktop computers. Lessons are, of course, still compatible with desktops, but they now work on smartphones or tablets: the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

No, not an app they download, per se. They just browse to cali.org on their tablet or smartphone, login to the website, and run the lesson like normal.

Auto-save, so students will never forget.

Students used to have to click a button to save a lesson to their My Lesson Runs section. They often left the lesson before they realized this, and lost record of that lesson run in the process. Not anymore. Now their scores are saved after every question they answer, creating a complete record of each lesson run for every student in his or her personal profile at cali.org. Students who need to show proof to their professor that they've run a lesson should like that.

The "secret room" for that special someone: law faculty.

That's right, there's always a secret room. This one's for that special someone you, dear CALI Lessons, are always trying to woo: law school faculty. It's full of new faculty features that weren't available before. We'll let faculty take a look when they login to cali.org and run a lesson themselves. Wait until they click that faculty options link or use the faculty view: really start exploring. They'll find out what we're talking about.

And faculty who were waiting to create LessonLinks until it sent students directly to the new version of lessons, should start creating now. LessonLinks will now lead to the new version of the Lesson.

Well, that's about it for Extreme Makeover: CALI Lessons Edition. It's been an emotional journey, to say the least. Hope you like your new (i)pad, CALI Lessons.