Keynote Speakers for CALI Conference Announced

The CALI Conference for Law School Computing’s agenda is starting to round out nicely. You can now review some of our accepted sessions, and today we’re very excited to announce our keynote speakers:

Dave Cormier
Keynote Speaker: Friday June 21, 2012

Dave’s day job is the Manager of Web Communications and Innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island.  He is also well know as prime mover in the EdTechTalk community ( and has been involved in such for quite a few years.  I find it hard to describe Dave in just a few sentences, though I have read, listened and watched his work for many years.  He is an explorer and fellow traveler in the ed tech space.  He has a prolific presence and freely shares his ideas and insights in writings, videos and MOOCs.  Dave blogs at


Audrey Watters
Keynote Speaker: Friday, June 22, 2012
Audrey is a technology journalist, freelance writer, ed-tech advocate, recovering academic, rabble-rouser, and single mom.  That’s the tweetbio.  She is also the writer/owner of where the signal to noise ration of interesting posts approaches infinity  - for me at least.  She is technology journalist who turns a critical and insightful eye on our industry in a manner that I find rare and I am delighted that she will be sharing her wit and wisdom with us.