As your students prepare for exams, we’d like to remind you about CALI Lessons.


Help your law students succeed with CALI Lessons!

Time tested with proven results.  

Did you know that your school is a CALI member?  Meaning, with your CALI membership, you have full access to CALI Lessons which are interactive tutorials written by law professors and librarians. They are great for mastering course materials during the semester and for studying for exams.  The material is rigorous, but short, taking 20-40 minutes to complete each lesson.

  • Over 1,000 CALI lessons and more added every year
  • Coverage includes 40 different legal subject areas
  • Used over half a million times each year by tens of thousands of law students


Screen shots of CALI Lessons

Best of all? It’s totally free for you to use!

When registering a new account at, you must use your school’s authorization code to create your account.  Click here to see your school’s contact.  You’ll only need to use the school’s authorization code once.  After that, you may use the email/password you used to sign up in order to login at

Added Bonus!  

Try our CALI LessonLink! LessonLink is a service that law faculty can use to create a unique URL for a CALI Lesson that allows the instructor to track the students’ scores and usage down to the individual question. Faculty can edit CALI lessons to suit their specific needs.