CALI Civil Procedure Fellowship Opportunity

I am attaching announcement for the CALI Civil Procedure Fellowship beginning in June 2017.  Previously, we have conducted Fellowship projects in a number of subjects, including

– Criminal Law,

– Property,

– Torts,

– Business Organizations,

– Remedies,

– Copyright Law,

– Trademarks,

– Administrative Law,

– Family Law and

– Criminal Procedure.

Please share these announcements with faculty who may be interested in participating.

The CALI Fellowship is a unique program that will allow faculty to examine familiar concepts in a new light for teaching in a web-based and interactive environment.

Previous Fellowships have resulted in the addition of over 400 new lessons over the past few years due to the excellent work of the CALI Fellows. With the addition of a Civil Procedure Fellowship, CALI strives to make more educational materials available to students and faculty.

Faculty do NOT need computer knowledge or programming experience. Basic familiarity with word processing, email and web browsing is assumed. The Fellows will use CALI Author to create the Civil Procedure materials. Visit /content/cali-fellowships for more details.

CALI staff will work closely with the Fellows to insure a positive and productive experience. If you have any questions, contact Deb Quentel, CALI’s Director of Curriculum Development / Associate Counsel at or by telephone, 312-906-5353.