CHANGELOG 2/27/2018

Updates to

  • added Views exports to enhance reporting
  • move AutoPublish functionality toward a full API to allow for broader self-publishing of resources
  • better email for QuizWright creation
  • auto login to QuizWright when following menu link from CALI Dashboard
  • fixed redirect issue in user profile
  • LessonLink and AutoPublish dashboard links now open in new tab/window
  • clarified language in LessonLink reporting
  • updates to Drupal core and various modules
  • cleaned up list of “Class of …” groups for student registration
  • fixed LessonLink email when LessonLink sets are edited

Updates to

  • moved system to new servers to provide better performance
  • updated theme on main Classcaster site
  • removed unused themes and plugins
  • updated WordPress core and plugins

Note: CHANGELOG is an occasional feature letting you know about changes to various CALI websites. It is mostly technical in nature but may include initial listing of new features and resources.