<div>Just in time for teaching Torts & Regulation in the spring term!</div>

New Tort law casebook edition by CALI eLangdell Press

Help Build the Foundation for Law School Success! CALI has released a new two-volume casebook edition for 1L classrooms that is under a Creative Commons license and FREE to download with most mobile devices and tablets.

Description: Torts and Regulation: Cases, Principles, and Institutions, Third Edition (TRCPI) is designed to bring together common law principles in the field of torts with related statutory and regulatory materials. The aim is to provide a text that introduces students to key tort principles and the way in which those tort principles have in part shaped the regulatory state and in part been supplanted by the regulatory state.

Available in Black and White or color printing.


Link to new Tort Law edition by CALI eLangdell Press