CALI Tech Briefing 06/30/2023

Notes for the first  CALI Tech Briefing of 2023.

  • Classcaster – – is the WordPress based blogging network that CALI runs for its membership. If you’re at a CALI member school or organization you can create a blog there. The focus is on legal education and legal tech. There are no ads or any sort of monetization and we do not use Google analytics. If you’re looking for a blog to support your teaching or scholarship check us out.
  • Lawbooks – – is another WordPress multisite network. It’s built on the Pressbook plugin ecosystem to provide web-based, clonable versions of our eLangdell casebooks. CALI members are free to use this system too and create custom versions of our casebooks or create their own from scratch.
  • Coming up @ next briefing 7/14/2023: Drupal 9 migration, CALI AI, more Classcaster updates.