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The CALI Roadshow

Does your law school have a Library Fair?  Or a Database Day?  How about a Faculty Brown Bag Series?  Or are you in a metropolitan area with some other law schools and you want an excuse to meet with the faculty and staff of them?


It’s Never Too Early in the Semester to Start Taking CALI Lessons

If you haven’t been warned yet, law school exams are not like undergraduate exams. If you were able to get by with cramming the night (or even week) before finals, unfortunately that’s not going to work now.  Even if it did work for your exams, that’s not the way to retain knowledge – and you’re going to want to remember the law for the bar exam and your future career!

Start Law School Off Right!

Did you know CALI has resources that not only help you learn the law, but also ones that help you learn how to be a better student? It’s true!

Law School Materials for Success, written by Dean Barbara Glesner Fines,  is an book and podcast series filled with tips and tricks to make the law school experience as painless as possible.

What the Heck is CALI???

Greetings to new and returning law students and faculty!  I know this month is filled with new, exciting (and maybe even scary) changes.  It’s also filled with INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  In case you missed it, hopefully in your orientation materials there was either a cellophane pack of “Time Trial” cards with a code card facing out or just a single business card with CALI on it.

They will look like this: