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1. Welcome

This Guide is designed to help you author interactive lessons using the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction authoring tool – CALI Author. You can either read through this Guide before you begin working with CALI Author and familiarize yourself with all the authoring possibilities, or you can use this Guide as a reference when you have a particular question about a feature in CALI Author.

There is no limit to the size of the lesson that you can create for your students. You can create something as simple as a half-dozen screens covering a discreet topic or concept. Or, you can create a larger tutorial, with multiple sub-menus, and even sub-sub-menus, that corresponds to your entire course. With CALI Author the choice about content is yours.

This Guide uses several terms, such as 'Destination page', 'Next page', and 'Book page' to refer to specific page types within CALI Author. These terms are further explained within this Guide and will become more familiar as you read through the FAQs.

For more information please contact a member of CALI's staff:

John Mayer (
Executive Director, 1-312-906-5307

Sam Goshorn (
Software Services Manager, (CALI Author programmer) 1-612-875-5717

Deb Quentel (
Director of Curriculum Development/Associate Counsel, 1-312-906-5353

For an example of a CALI Author lesson, please review the CALI Author Demo Lesson. The Demo Lesson is part of the standard download of CALI Author. You may download a copy of CALI Author at

This Guide is based on CALI Author version 3.2.2. To determine whether you have the latest version of CALI Author open CALI Author and select Help-Latest Version. (You must be connected to the Internet for this to work.) Or, select Help-About this Book. The version number will be displayed in the upper right hand corner.