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19. Changing the destination of pages

CALI Author assumes that an author wants an added page to follow the previous page. Thus, if I add a page named 'Question 2' after 'Question 1', CALI Author assumes that I want the 'Next' page or 'Destination page' after 'Book Page' 'Question 1' to be the added page, 'Question 2'. However, you can change the order of pages by changing the 'Next page' link in the Authoring edit mode. For example, suppose I want 'Question 3' to follow 'Question 1'. First, on the Outline menu on the left half of the screen, click on the book page 'Question 1'. The right side of the screen will show you the requested page. You can then select the Info subtab on the Info Tab shown below.


The 'Page name' is displayed at field 1 (here the 'Page name' is Question 1), along with 'Page type' field 2 (here a Simple buttons question), and in field 3 'Next page'. To select a page other than Question 2 as the 'Destination page', click on the button to the right of 'Next page', labeled field 4. In our example, after I click on the button circled on the right, a list of 'Book pages' would appear; and I would click on 'Question 3' as the 'Next page' from that list.