About QuizWright


CALI QuizWright® is a web app that lets law faculty write individual Multiple Choice, True/False, and Yes/No questions, saves the questions in a personal question bank, allows law faculty to bundle the questions into quizzes, uses CALI Publisher to instantly and securely publish the quizzes to the CALI website and lets students take the quizzes as formative assessments, either live in class or as homework, right on the CALI website, where most students already have an account. Faculty can view the basic results or access advanced analytic reporting from an online dashboard. Download of results to Excel for further analysis is available.

Features and Benefits

  • Create a personal question bank faculty can use with their courses year after year
  • View student responses in real-time
  • No software to install
  • Free to use as part of your school’s CALI membership
  • Built on the robust and secure CALI tools and features like the CALI Lesson Viewer, AutoPublish, and LessonLink

For more information on QuizWright visit the FAQs or you can get started now by selecting "QuizWright" in the CALI Dashboard menu above (you'll need to be logged in to see the menu).