CALI Awards: Schools Interested in Participating


Who can participate in the CALI Excellence for the Future Awards® program?
U.S. law schools that are members of CALI.

How much does it cost?
The program is free.

How do I get a password for my school to participate?
First, have the person who will be entering the awards register at the CALI website with your school's authorization code and then send an email to the CALI webmaster who will enable your account to enter student awards.

Awards are entered in batches. Each batch is processed, printed and shipped separately. Once you submit a batch, the awards will be printed and shipped to you in a few weeks. Usually, we process new awards once a week, but it can take 2-4 weeks sometimes.

Who decides who gets an award?
Generally, the faculty member picks one student to receive the highest grade in a course and therefore the CALI Excellence award.

Can two students receive an award for the same course?
If, in extraordinary circumstances, in the opinion of the faculty member teaching the course, there is a "tie" for the highest grade, you may submit two students to receive the same award for the same course.

Are there any restrictions on which courses can receive awards?
No. CALI wishes to recognize all students who you think deserve the award. There are no restrictions on the courses, types of courses or number of students in the course.

What are VirtualAwards?
VirtualAwards are facsimiles of the actual paper award that is given to the student. Each VirtualAward has its own unique and permanent URL that the student can put into an electronic resume or an online bio or list of accomplishments. The unique URL for the VirtualAward is printed in the lower, right-hand margin of the paper award.

An increasing number of resumes are electronic and so we created the VirtualAward to address this.

By default, all awards that are submitted and processed also create a VirtualAward on the CALI website. Law schools can choose to not display the VirtualAward at the time of submission or after the fact through the Award Administration System.

Students can also request to have their VirtualAwards removed from the CALI website.