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Creating a MediaNotes Session


This lesson will teach you how to create a MediaNotes project file. Project files store all of the events, tags and comments for one or more video/audio files.


Create a New Project

Create a new project file by select New Project or choosing New Project File from the File menu.

Choose a name for your session and a place where you would like to save the file.


Add Media

You will now see a button on the main screen that asks you to add media. Click on this and then choose the media file that you would like to add to the project.


Media Loaded

You will now see the media loaded in the upper left of the project window.


Add Additional Media

If you would like to add additional media to the project select Media > Add Media to Project.


Choose Current Media

You can select which media file you would like work with from the current media menu just above the media playback window.