eLangdell Stimulus

eLangdell is an online tool for creating, remixing, editing, and publishing legal coursepacks or even casebooks. 

eLangdell Electronic Casebook Stimulus Project Info:

With Kindles, iPads, and other electronic readers, we all know where this is headed, don't we? How would you like to be recognized as an electronic casebook pioneer?

If you're a law professor and CALI selects your proposal, we will give you $500 for each chapter you write and contribute to eLangdell. Write those chapters in whatever format you want, and we'll do the work of publishing them as e-books.

Find out the ground rules in the PDF flyer below.

Download eLangdell Stimulus Project PDF.

Contact our Director of Curriculum Development, Deb Quentel (dquentel@cali.org), for more info on how to participate in the eLangdell Stimulus Project.


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